Private Voice and Piano Lessons in South Florida

Enjoy private voice and piano lessons from our studio in Boca Raton


Private Lessonsdisney

Valeo offers private instruction in both Voice and Piano. Lessons are usually scheduled for the same time and day each week to facilitate regular progress  and to help with scheduling your other activities. Should you desire faster progress, Valeo offers lessons twice a week as an option.

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Our Teachers

Valeo  is committed to the highest quality teaching available as well as having artist-instructors who not only know how to teach effectively, but also perform.  Students can benefit from on-stage experience from professionals in the business, while working with trained educators who are able to help you or your child reach their potential as a singer or pianist.

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Why Study Music?

The Benefits of Music Study

recital2Of course, first and foremost the reason to study music is because you love it! Finding something that you or your child can be passionate about is an investment that can bring you many years of enjoyment. There are, however, many other related benefits of studying music that you may not be aware of:

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