Private Lessonsdisney

Valeo offers private instruction in both Voice and Piano. Lessons are usually scheduled for the same time and day each week to facilitate regular progress  and to help with scheduling your other activities. Should you desire faster progress, Valeo offers lessons twice a week as an option.

Voice Lessons (ages 9 and up)

45-minute or 60-minute lesson, once per week. Focus is on singing technique, development of vocal registers, and application to desired genre of music (classical/opera, Broadway, Pop/Rock, etc.).

Piano Lessons (ages 5 and up)

45-minute or 60-minute lesson, once per week. Piano technique and application to desired repertoire, music theory, sight reading. Student must own their own instrument, preferably acoustic piano (upright or grand), or 88-key weighted digital piano.


Group Lessons

Valeo Opera Theatre (ages 15-up)

The Valeo Opera Theatre is an exclusive opportunity in the south Florida area offering a venue where young aspiring opera singers can apply the techniques learned in their private lessons. This is a young artist program offered in early June. Through performing solo arias, duets, and ensembles in the operatic repertoire, students will learn character analysis to aid in expressive communication through the music, acting, and staging. Use of costumes, make-up, and props may also be included in performances. Jessica Valdez is co-director of this program.